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December 28th, 1998
A brand new Ohlson har semester production homepage (both in English and Swedish) has been created! Everything you wanted to know and thought you didn't want to know about the band. Head on over...

November 4th, 1998
New releases
Ohlson har semester production release their CD "Flöjtmannen" at the end of November. Behind the name hides 3/5 of the members from Dennis & Dom Blå Apelsinerna. For those of you who can't come to the release party (at Tre Backar in Stockholm on November 20th where a copy of the album is included in the entrance fee), you can now pre-order it directly from us and we'll deliver as soon as it is back from the CD pressing plant. The special pre-order price is 55 SEK (which includes postage & packaging), and our PostGiro number is: 452 30 50 - 5. Don't forget to write down your address on the PostGiro form!

Svart Snö have now released a compilation with old demos on Los Angeles based label Grand Theft Audio called "Bellyache and Acid Eyes". A total of 32 songs where 8 are from two of Svart Snö members' previous band Ur Funktion. You can get this compilation directly from us for 50 SEK (see the Mailorder for ordering information or simply call us).

As we mentioned earlier, some of the Svart Snö members have started a new band with the name Fetmule. Their first demo is now ready and can be downloaded in MP3 format from this page:

Johan Anttila (from Radioaktiva Räker) is finished in the studio with his solo album Ensamvarg. A release date will be set soon.

October 29th, 1998
On November 16th, a new and ultra cool double CD compilation with the title "The greatest hits of the very best of the ultimate Definitivt" will be released. You can order it directly from us (see the Mailorder for more info). Bands included are:
23 Till, Big Fish, Charles Hårfager, Charta 77, De Lyckliga Kompisarna, Dennis &
Dom Blå Apelsinerna, Dia Psalma, Hans & Greta, Harlequin, Johan Johansson, Krymplings,
Köttgrottorna, Mart, Mögel, Radioaktiva Räker, Roger Karlsson, Rövsvett, Räserbajs, Strebers,
Svart Snö, Total Egon, Tuk Tuk Rally & Åka bil.

October 19th, 1998
Piffen & Peken from Svart Snö have started a new band with the name Fetmule. Their first demo is now available for the curious and can be downloaded in MP3 format from this page:

October 1st, 1998
New pictures were added to the Coca Carola Photo Album today.

September 29th, 1998
New band Ohlson har semester production will celebrate the release of their CD "Flöjtmannen" at Tre Backar in Stockholm on November 20th. On November 25th, the album will be available in the stores. Right now the band is out on a suburb tour together with labelmates Coca Carola.

New releases: Svart Snö have released a 7" split vinyl single together with Starved & Delirious in the US on label Consensus Reality. The single contains one previously unreleased song plus one from their album "Smock'n Roll". At the same time, some of the members have started a new band with the name Fetmule. More info on the way...

August 23rd, 1998
New artists and bands on Beat Butchers: Ohlson har semester production will release the CD "Flöjtmannen" on Beat Butchers at the end of November. Behind the strange name hides 3/5 of the members from Dennis & Dom Blå Apelsinerna. More information about this will be made available right here soon. Second - Ensam Varg is Johan Anttila's (from Radioaktiva Räker) one-man band project. He is in the studio recording a new album right now. The release date is yet to be set.

Do you remember the news about the Radioaktiva Räker covers which the German band Rasta Knast included on their latest album "Legål Krimnål" we wrote about here in March? Well, this album is now available from our Mailorder for measly 80 SEK! Check it out!

New tourdates have been added to the Gig Guide today as well.

July 22nd, 1998
Well, you have probably noticed things are moving slow around here. It's summer, we're all on vacation now and then (a lot) - visiting festivals, gigs, foreign countries and beaches around the world. Coca Carola opened for Dee Snyder in at Fregatten in Åkersberga on July 15th. P r e t t y weird no? Anyway, that doesn't stop us from adding another cool piece of news:

Definitivt Video I - you bet, a compilation video in the "Definitivt" series. Price: 89 SEK (+ postage & packaging which is 49 SEK - the Swedish "Posten" is fantastic... NOT!) = something like 138 SEK total, right? Okay. Order this one from Birdnest mailorder directly - phone: +46-(0)221-28200. Or if you want, you can also order it from us - see our Mailorder page for more information. Here's what is on the video tape:

    Åka Bil - "En sång som gör mig glad"
    Coca Carola - "Livet"
    Tuk Tuk Rally - "Luftballong"
    23 till - "Procedomani"
    Köttgrottorna - "Älska mig"

Non-Beat Butchers bands included:

    Dennis och dom blå apelsinerna - "Fredagspop"
    Mart - "En kille som é go"
    Charta 77 - "tavlan, solen & döden"
    Dia Psalma - "100 kilo kärlek"
    Spoiler - "tidsmaskin"
    Big Fish - "Nyårshambo"
    DLK - "Rysk Bompa"
    Johan Johansson - "Va?!"
    Hydrogenium - "Club Albanau"
    Charles - "den mållöse"
    Räserbajs - "Jag, legend"

May 11th, 1998
Köttgrottorna celebrate their 15 Year Anniversary! The big party is held May 22nd at Studion in Stockholm. Age: 18+ and tickets are 50 SEK. Guest artists: Johan Johansson, Per Granberg, Mart and Dennis. You don't want to miss this one!

Coca Carola was forced to cancel a couple of gigs because of throat problems, but are back on the road again within two weeks from today.

The next compilation in the Definitivt 50 Spänn series will be number 7 and is released on June 2nd. Participating Beat Butchers bands are: Åka Bil, Radioaktiva Räker and Coca Carola. The other bands are: Charta 77, Mart, Adhesive, Abhinanda, Burst, Robert Johnsson, Spoiler, Rövsvett, Randy, Plastic Pride, Purusam, Cobolt and Guineapigs.

And wouldn't you believe - there have been some additions and changes on the tour date page. The Gig Guide will once again tell you more.

April 26th, 1998
The cool Coca Carola Contest is now closed with some... unexpected results. Check it out.

Höhnie Records in Germany has released a greatest hits compilation LP with Radioaktiva Räker which is called "Tro Inte Allt". You can order it directly from us here - check out the Mailorder page for more info.

As previously reported, US label Prank Records were to release Svart Snö's latest and last album "Smock'n Roll" on vinyl in February. The schedule was pretty tight at that time, but it has been released now, and with a different cover. You can order this record directly from us as well - the Mailorder page will tell you more.

April 29th (on wednesday!) is the new release date for Åka Bil's second album "På Ett Annat Sätt". If you're looking for the total experience, why not drop by the release party on monday April 27th?! Free and open for everyone and all at Bondegatan 1d in Stockholm at 7pm (19:00). Welcome!

Plus the usual additions and changes in the tour date department. The Gig Guide will reveal it all.

April 1st, 1998
A shi*load of new tour dates have been added to the Gig Guide today!

March 28th, 1998
We have managed to get our hands on the German CD compilation "Punk Christmas 2" where Radioaktiva Räker is included with their song "Juletid". You can therefor order it directly from us now - check out the Beat Butchers Mailorder for more info.

More Radioaktiva Räker news: The German band Rasta Knast have two Räker covers on their latest album "Legål Krimnål" released on Höjnie Records (HÖ38 - 1998). The songs are: "Taggar" (from "...Res Dig Upp") which is called "Wir Leben Noch" and "Bakom Spegeln" (from the single with the same name) which is called "Nichts ist für die Ewigkeit".

March 16th, 1998
If you are interested in older vinyl releases with (among others) Köttgrottorna, you can check out their old label Sista Bussen.

March 4+7+9 & 10th, 1998
A fantastic Coca Carola contest has now started! Don't even consider missing it, because it's got some really unique prizes... Check it out at the Beat Butchers Contests page right now. Last day to send in your answer is April 15th! On the contest pages you can also find the results from the Roger Karlsson contest which closed on March 1st.

More Coca Carola - a new Kisseklubb page has been added together with a cool contest on it which also ends on April 15th! + the latest CC info has been added to the History section. PLUS now there's a MS Word 6.0 document containing loads and loads of guitar tabs to CC songs! You can find all this on their homepage. AND (this is getting rediculous) now there's also a good interview with CC available on the web (in Swedish only, sorry) - and you can find it right here.

New tour dates have been added to the Gig Guide as well by the way!

The long gone and sold out Radioaktiva Räker vinyl single "Verkligheten" will be re-released on the label Kamel Records. More info and a release date will follow soon.

March 1st, 1998
Release parties galore! On March 28th, Beat Butchers arranges two release parties for the upcoming albums from Radioaktiva Räker amd Coca Carola. The first is for both bands and is held in Stockholm at Kulturhuset at 15.00 (3pm) in the afternoon, and in the evening, there's a huge party for Coca Carola in Åkersberga at Köldsvinet. More information about these events will be posted!

February 23rd, 1998
March 23rd is when the new albums from Radioaktiva Räker and Coca Carola are released!

Radioaktiva Räker - "Döda Mej Inte Så Dödar Jag Inte Dej"
The band's third album is recorded in their home town Hofors. 14 new songs where we all meet a stronger and more angry band than on "Res Dig Upp" which was released in 1996. The sound is rougher and harder, but the Räkerna trademark - the hit melodies - are still there.

Coca Carola - "Så Fel Som Bara Vi Kan Ha"
The old wolves from Åkersberga are back again. This, the band's fifth album, contains 13 new songs - all recorded in Tumba during February this year. Melodies which will stick to your sweater like wine is what you can expect here.

And as if that was not enough, on April 27th, Åka Bil will be here with their second album with the title "På Ett Annat Sätt". They are currently mixing the last couple of songs at Traxton Recording.

Check out the Gig Guide as well by the way! Extensive Coca Carola and Radioaktiva Räker tours have been added today!

February 2nd & 4th, 1998
Titles on all the upcoming records have been decided today! Radioaktiva Räker's is "Döda Mig Inte Så Dödar Jag Inte Dig" and Coca Carola's is "Så Fel Som Bara Vi Kan Ha". Both records will be released on March 23rd.

January 26th, 1998
Radioaktiva Räker appears with the song "Juletid" on the compilation album "Punk Christmas 2" released in Germany by the Hannover label Nasty Vinyl. Some of the other bands included are Hass, Popperklopper, N.O.E., Rasta Knast and Scatter Gun. This compilation and some more have been added to the band's discography.

New photos added to the Coca Carola Photo Album. You know you'll be sorry if you check them out... he he he! Reviews have also been added to the Coca pages, but only in Swedish and only from the Swedish version of their homepage.

The Åka Bil discography has been updated, and the Beat Butchers Mailorder and Roger Karlsson pages have both been updated with various things.

January 11 & 12th, 1998
The latest full batch of photos taken in the studio where Radioaktiva Räker are recording their new and upcoming album "Döda mig inte så dödar jag inte dig" have been added to their Photo Album today. Nothing you'd want to miss!

Roger Karlsson will also play at Tre Backar in Stockholm on the gig night arranged by Beat Butchers and Deaf & Dumb Records on January 16th!

A new Contest opened here on our site today! It's the Roger Karlsson Exclusive Demo Contest Check it out, and enter to win a fantastic and as exclusive as exclusive gets prize!

January 4th, 1998
Well, 1998 has just kicked in and what do we find? Svart Snö is included on yet another compilation CD! This time it is the "Why Can't We Hate More compilation Part I" released on Birdnest Records and distributed by MNW Distribution. Svart Snö participates with the song "Lilla Lula Lej" which is a Owe Thörnqwist cover. Among the other bands included are Atomvinter, Totalitär and Greenscab. This record can be ordered through Beat Butchers Mailorder.

A whole bunch of old and new items have been added to the Mailorder List. Check it out!

Some brand new pages were added during the christmas holidays. The first is the Svart Snö Photo Album page with a couple of photos added from the start. The second one is the Collector Information page where we have compiled information about the rarest Beat Butchers releases of them all, both in Swedish and English. Take a look and see if you have a gem or two in your collection? Of course! And the third and final one is the new Roger Karlsson homepage in Swedish. Both Roger Karlsson homepages have a newly written History section as well by the way.

January 3rd, 1998
Beat Butchers has decided on which BB band will play at the gig night arranged by Beat Butchers and Deaf & Dumb Records at Tre Backar in Stockholm on January 16th, 1998. The BB band in question is of course Radioaktiva Räker

Talking about Radioaktiva Räker, they have yet another gig lined up in Växjö on January 17th, 1998. Be sure to check out the Gig Guide now and then for the latest tour dates.

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