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Ohlson har semester production

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Ohlson Har Semester production are: Dennis guitar & vocals, Nisse bass & backing vocals, Marcus guitar & vocals and Putte drums & backing vocals.

It started with a legend from Skåne 1983/84 (probably even earlier) but it was then, when he "Lennart Markebo" recorded the live tape, 14 stillsamma visor, with the wonderful rock group "Hela Huset Skakar" at the Ultrakåken and Rudanladan in Handen. The song "Olsson" was the last track on the tape and it has followed me ever since. I have screamed it at concerts, recorded it myself together with "Dennis & De Blå Apelsinerna", named a record company after it, and now a punk-rock band. I would now like to thank Markebo for that he met those blueberry gatherers in the forest that day, or the song would never have been written. I would also like to thank "Tobbe Lundberg", but that is a whole other story.


Album & CD

Flöjtmannen , Beat Butchers 1998, ORMCD 1

Flöjtmannen (cover) Flöjtmannen (back)

1. I Samma Spår
2. Hon Han Dom
3. Det Skiter Jag I
4. Åka Buss
5. Krax
6. År Efter År
7. Flöjtmannen
8. Stenhård Skridskobräda

Recorded, mixed and produced in Acetone by Micke Borg. Thanks to: Ulf for the band photo, Johan, Lalla, Jonas W, Jonas B, Micke, Maria, Isabelle, Angelica och kidsen. OHSREC-013.

Release information: Here comes Ohlson har semester production's new mini-CD "Flöjtmannen". (ORMCD 1) Swinging punk-rock in Swedish with transverse flute-solo ! The band formed this summer and made their debut gig about a month later in a small tent similar to, but of course far smaller than, those found at the Roskilde festival in Denmark. It was there, that night in the city park in Trelleborg, where we decided to record an album. To celebrate ourselves. Because we were a success for once in our lives at least. We have only "Dennis & dom blå apelsinerna" to thank for the huge crowd there. It almost feels like the same band, though now we're only three left and play somewhat faster. Apart from Kafe 44 in Stockholm, Trelleborg was the second home for "Apelsinerna".


Trumslagarpojken - Beat Butchers  2000 - ORCD 38


1. Frågor och svar
2. Vad var det ni sa
3. Solguden Dan
4. Land i sikte
5. Byter sida
6. Segersång
7. Vi glömde dom andra
8. Vem é jag
9. Hur man fångar en haj
10. Vet var du står
11. Malin och Anna
12. Ett ord, ett ackord
13. Vi kommer
14. Dimma luft sot
15. Åka mera buss
16. Vi rullar ut
17. Det stör
18. Trumslagarpojken

Lyrics and music by Denise Ohlson. Cover by Andreas Wallström. Recorded, mixed and produced at Acetone by Micke Borg.

Ett slag, ORCMCD 2 Beat Butchers 2003

Ett slag

1. Värsta tricket
2. En bättre tid
3. Jag vill vara med
4. En härlig känsla i magen aoooa
5. Silop punkt com
6. Ett värde ett pris

Vapenskrammel och revolution - Beat Butchers 2008, ORCD 53

1. vänta
2. alfredo bomba
3. i samma uniform
4. tricket två
5. malin och anna
6. åka buss
7. det är någon som stör
8. tusen jävla :-
9. det räcker nu
10. alla ser vad du gör
11. jag vill vara med
12. arg
13. den som söker
14. flickan i tibet
15. vi är på väg
16. frågor och svar
17. tomtefar
18. mitt arv
19. i samma spår

All lyrics and music : Denise Ohlson
Except song 4 and 11 Lyrics : Nils Lundin, Music : Denise Ohlson
And song 18 Lyrics and music : Pär Andersson, Mikael Pihlblad and Jan Abrahamsson
Songs 1.- 6. 9. 10. 11. 12. and 15. are recorded by Ove Noring at studio Ovett.
Songs 7. 8. and 20. are recorded by Jocke Ekstrand at Telefonstudios.
Songs 13. and 14. are recorded at Rockford i Rebaunder.
Songs 12. 16. 17. 18. and 19. are recorded by Micke Borg at Acetone.

Här kommer A.I.K. 2011

1. Här Kommer A.I.K.
2. Här Kommer A.I.K. [Karaoke version]
3. Här Kommer A.I.K. [Instrumental version]


En musikalisk hyllning till Köttgrottorna 30 år (Beat Butchers ORCD 62) CD 2013 Song: The Ornitologs

Alla goda ting är kol  (Oslipade Diamanter OSD004 )  CD 2007 with the song , "Det är någon som stör"

Samling vid punken
( KfLPr 002 ) CD 2006
with the song . "Det räcker nu"

(Beat Butchers ORCD49) CD 2006 songs "Jag vill vara med", "Alla ser vad du gör"

Bjeagle presenterar stolt Beat Butchers 20 års jubileum
(Bjeagle Records, BEAR 003) CD 2004
songs "Krax", "Frågor och svar", "Värsta tricket" och "Jag vill vara med".

Definitivt 50 Spänn XII (Rabb Records, Rabb 2316CD) CD 2004
with the song "Värsta Tricket"

Beat Butchers samlingssingel
(ORS 41) 7" 2003 with the song "Arg"

Äggröran 5
(Ägg Tapes & Records ÄGG-49) CD 2002 with the song "Den som söker".

Definitivt Elva
(RABB 2215) CD 2002 with the song "Flickan från Tibet".

Definitivt 50 spänn 10
(Rabb Records Rabb 2114CD) CD 2001 with the song "Vi är på väg".

Definitivt 50 Spänn 9
(RABB 2013 Rabb records) CD 2000 with the song"Vad var det ni sa".

Definitivt 50 Spänn 8
(Rabb Records, Rabb 9912CD) CD 1999 with the song "Krax".

En Helvetes Jul
(Ägg Tapes & Records, ÄGG-72)  CD 1999 with the song "Tomtefar".

Beat Butchers 15 År
- 12 Covers (Beat Butchers, ORCD 36) CD 1999 with the song "Mitt arv".

The Punishment Is Here
(New Noise Records & B-Head Records, NNR 001, BHR 002) CD 1999 with song
s "I samma spår" och "Stenhård skriskobräda"

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If you want to contact the band directly, please write to:
Beat Butchers
c/o Näslund
S:t Göransgatan 152  4tr


OHS at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/ohlsonharsemesterproduction

Pressphoto Ohlson har semester prod. 2008 Photographer Katriina Mäkinen
This photo is free for editorial use. When published the photographer's name must be enclosed.
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