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[Tuk Tuk Rally Band]

History| Discography

Way back in the beginning, they played acoustic folk music, but though their feet were tapping they wanted a sound to make their hearts pound. The search was on to find their new raging sound. After many long nights, at last the new Tuk Tuk recipe was really happening. Presenting folk stomping independent rock. They recorded their first single in the spring of 1992 titled "Beirut Bar". After that came five cd singles and then two full-length CDs, to today's present date.
Together, they have played over one hundred different gigs throughout Sweden, including Sweden's most famous Hultsfreds Festival, which helped to open many news doors.
As a last release the band put together the compilation album "Då å Nu", a compilation CD released March 3rd, 1996, with material from five years of writing and rehearsing, playing and building, the circle is closed. A document from a journey that started by a kitchen table with an acoustic guitar and mouth-organ and continued on miscellaneous stages, radio and TV-appearences. Happy days, dumb days, hectic days.

In October 1996 Tuk Tuk Rally breaks up. (Read the press release)

Roger Karlsson is know going on as a solo-artist and had put one album "Veckans Babe" out. Christian & Söder formed Åka bil who released two albums "Åka Bil" 1996 and "På ett annat sätt"1998 before the band split up.


7" Singles

[Tuk Beirut] [Tuk Beirut B]
Beirut Bar, Beat Butchers 1992, ORS 20
1. Beirut Bar
2. Knackar På Din Dörr

Lyrics and music: Roger Karlsson. Recorded by Thomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studio, Dec-91. Cover design: Jussi.


CD EPs & Singles

[Tuk Stjärnorna]
Stjärnorna, Beat Butchers 1992, ORCDS 22
1. Stjärnorna
2. Beirut Bar
3. Krymplingens Vals
4. Upp Igen

Recorded and mixed at Sunlight Studio, spring 1992 by Thomas Skogsberg. Track 4 recorded and mixed at Studio Traxton, june 1992 by Christian Edgren. Cover design: Göran Durgé. Lyrics and music by Roger Karlsson.

[Tuk Entvåtrefyr!] [Tuk Entvåtrefyr! B]
Entvåtrefyr!, Beat Butchers 1993, ORCDS 28
1. Färg och Vatten
2. Bara Veta Varför
3. Irländsk Whiskey
4. Glorias Land

Recorded and produced by Christian Edgren and Tuk Tuk May-June 93. Thanks to: Mike,Tamburine, örjan, Organ, Beijmo, Sound and Sampling, Christian, Choir, Pär, Repro. Booking: +46-(0)8-191439. Photo: Sissi Grönberg. Cover design: Karin Nilsson. This is a taste of what is to come on the CD "Luftballong". Beat Butchers, Distr. MD +46-(0)8-7355330.

[Tuk Brett Å]
Brett Å Internationellt, Beat Butchers 1993, ORCDS 30
1. Luftballong
2. Någon Som Du
3. Tyst
4. Kom In
5. Blommor & Barn

Tracks 1 & 2 recorded at Traxton rec. Taken from the CD "Luftballong". Tracks 3 & 4 recorded at Studio Lagret by Söder, previously unreleased. Track 5 - bonus track from the recording of the CD "Luftballong". Mike - tambourine, Kjelle - hammond, Christer - accordian. Cover Design: Sissi & Joanna Grönberg. Track 1 & 4 - lyrics & music: R. Karlsson. Track 2 - lyrics & music: S. Söderberg. Track 3 - lyrics: R. Karlsson, music: R. Karlsson/S. Söderberg. Track 5 - lyrics: R. Karlsson, music: R. Karlsson/J. Samuelsson.

[Tuk Måndag]
Måndag, Beat Butchers 1994, ORCDS 32
1. Måndag
2. Droppar
3. Världens Ände
4. Går & Går

Lyrics and music R. Karlsson except 3 by Lagerholm/Karlsson/Söderberg. Recorded at Studio Lagret May 1994. Trombone: Martin Pålsson. Cover design: Fobi/André.

[Tuk Erbanaza!]
Erbanaza!, Beat Butchers 1995, ORCDS 36
1. Nåll
2. Bomb
3. Bikt i E-moll
4. Dumma Dagar
5. Nybyggarland

Lyrics and music R. Karlsson except 1 by C. Lagerholm. Recorded at Studio Lagret 1995 by Stefan Söderberg. Bomb & Nåll are from the CD "Eurodisco", the rest is previously unreleased. Hammond, Kell Allinger. Cover design: Fobi/André.


Albums & CDs

[Tuk Luftballong] [Tuk Luftballong B] Lyrics
Luftballong, Beat Butchers 1993, ORCD 11
1. Luftballong
2. Gröna Hissen
3. Seglarsång
4. Någon Som Du
5. Genom Mitt Fönster
6. Enkelland
7. Inget Svar
8. Bara Veta Varför
9. Vid Gränsen
10. Färg & Vatten
11. Komedi
12. I En Park

Recorded and mixed by Christian Edgren and Tuk Tuk Rally May-Aug 1993, at Traxton Recording phone: +46-(0)8-7567548. Arr: Tuk Tuk Rally. Booking phone: +46-(0)8-191439. Cover and photo: J&S Produktion.

[Tuk Eurodisco] [Tuk Eurodisco B]
Eurodisco, Beat Butchers 1994, ORCD 17
1. Bomb
2. Nåll
3. Världen Rasar
4. Radio Dag
5. Måndag
6. Mörka Rum
7. Nummer Ett
8. Viskar Ditt Namn
9. Speglar och Madrasser
10. Vara Lycklig
11. Droppar
12. Två

Recorded and mixed at Studio Lagret May-July 1994 by Stefan Söderberg. Cover by Karin Nilsson. Original production by Mika. Photos by Sissi, Karin, Stefan and Jocke. Thanks to Kjell Allinger (Organ), Mårten, Martin F, Christian, Stefan Schwarz och André Hindersson.

[Då å Nu] [Då å Nu B]
Då å Nu, Beat Butchers 1996, ORCD 26
1. Irrar
2. 1 December
3. Om Du Har Tid
4. Joker
5. Går & Går
6. Världens Ände
7. Bikt i E-moll
8. Dumma Dagar
9. Kom In
10. Blommor & Barn
11. Irländsk Whiskey
12. Glorias Land
13. Stjärnorna
14. Beirut Bar
15. Krymplingens Vals
16. Upp Igen
17. Klockan 2
18. Vilsen
19. Det Börjar Om
20. Sånger & Eld
21. Sofia Dansar Go-go

Mastered by Björn Engelmann / Cutting Room. Art Direction & Design: JF.F/huber. Photo: cover/huber, middle page/Raquel Norberg, group/Cissi Grönberg. Tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4 are new tracks, all recorded at Traxton Recording by Christian Edgren, december 1995 and january 1996. 1: music - C. Lagerholm, lyrics - S. Söderberg/R. Karlsson. 2, 3 and 4: lyrics & music - R. Karlsson. Roger Karlsson: vocals, guitars and drums on 1-4, 17, bass on 4, piano on 5, 6. Stefan Söderberg: guitars, vocals and bass on 13-15, 20-21. Calle Lagerholm: guitars, vocals, ukulele, mouth-organ and trombone. Johan Samuelsson: bass. Leif Strand: Drums on 5-10, 12-16 and 18-21. Guest Musicians: Örjan Benzinger: organ on 12. Mike: tambourine on 10-12, 17, 19. Martin Pålsson: trombone on 6. Christian Edgren: choir on 2, 3, 17. Birgit Karlsson: accordion on 14 and 15.


LIVE Även Vackra Fåglar Skiter (BIRD025CD/LP, LP/CD 1992 Birdnest) Songs: Vikingjazz, Bikt I C-dur, Sofia Dansar Go-Go, Sånger & Eld2.
Definitivt 50 Spänn Igen (RABB9302CD, CD 1993 RABB Records) Song: Komedi
Definitivt 50 Spänn Tre (RABB9403CD, CD 1994 RABB Records) Song: Världen Rasar
Högtalarterror -94 (Back004CD, CD 1994) Song: Skit i det
Kontur presenterar 1995 (KONT-CD 95.01 CD 1995 KONTUR) Song: Bomb
Definitivt Femtio Spenn (RABB9505CD, CD 1995 RABB Records) Song: Luftballong
Beat Butchers Promo 1996 (OR-PROMOCD1, CD 1996 Beat Butchers) Song: 1 December
The Greatest Hits Of The Very Best Of The Ultimate Definitivt (RABB9811CD, CD 1998 RABB Records) Song: Komedi
Kontur presenterar 1995 (Promotion CD KONT-CD 95.01 Kontur) Song:Bomb
Beat Butchers 15 År - 12 Covers (ORCD 36, CD 1999, Beat Butchers) Sång : Färg & Vatten

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