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23Till are Janne Abrahamsson (vocals, guitar), Micke Pihlblad (bass, vocals) and Pär Andersson (drums). Formed in Norrköping in the middle of Sweden around 1985, they have become one of the best bands with a lot of routine on the swedish music underground scene today. In 1988, their first single, Vitt Slem (OR-S9) was released and quickly became a hit. The press called it "something so wild you're afraid to take it away from the record player". During that time, they also released an album called Anabola Melodier (ORLP 1) (together with Coca Carola). In 1989, the single Lycklig (OR-S13) came out followed by the 1991 success album Allt Vad Jag Vill Ha (ORLP/CD 5). With the release of that album, two videos were recorded which both won prices at the Gothenburg Video Festival (1991 and 1992). The album got good reviews in the music press. Here's a quote from Idag: "the cockiest scream of rock since the days of Ebba Grön". Just in time for christmas 1992, 23 Till (under the name 23 Tomtar) and Dennis & De Blå Apelsinerna released a split single, Julsingel (ORS-24). 1993 marked the year when the CD format took over, which brought the single Balladen Om Olsson (ORCDS 27) and the album Nöjd? (ORCD 10). The magazine Terror Pop wrote: "Satisfied? What a bloody joke. The word is excited". 1994 was a year without new material from 23 Till, but their label Beat Butchers released a compilation of old vinyl singles, old album songs, old demo cassettes and whatnot from the period 1985-1990 called Skåpmat (ORCD 15). During 1995, the single För Den Goda Sakens Skull (ORCDS 38) was released on August 25th and the full-length CD Kryp (ORCD 21) was released on September 27th.

At the end of 1996, the band decided to call it quits. You can read all about it right here.

In 1999, 23Till temporarily re-united in the studio for the Beat
Butchers 15 Year Anniversary. The band recorded a cover of Tuk Tuk Rally's song "Färg & Vatten". Another temporarily get together was made in 2000 when 23 Till
recorded the brand new song "Mitt Lag, Min Stad" for the album Parken (released in spring 2001). A tribute to the proud and legendary football team IFK Norrköping.

Nowadays the members giging around now & then with their hobby-project
called Per Bertil Birgers Orkester with a bunch of songs consisting of old swedish
evergreens and schlagers. An album was released on Beat Butchers in

Contact the band

If you want to contact the band directly, write to:

23 Till
c/o Pär Andersson
Andvägen 7
618 35 Kolmården

Please include a self-addressed envelope with enough stamps (or international coupons) if you'd like a reply.

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