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Åka Bil

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Stockholm-based Åka Bil consists of Benke (drums), Tony (guitar), Stefan Söderberg (bass & guitar) and Christian (vocals & backing vocals). One can find a past in bands like Krapotkin, Inferno, Nittonhundratalsräven, Oroliga Kalkoner, Gibbonerna and more or less nameless constallations. That experience has given them an enormous strength on stage. This is total speed.

They have their wheelbase deep down in the punk movement of the 70's and 80's, but today, they sound just as much "guitarbased pop". If Docent Död would start today, they would probably sound just like Åka Bil. Not because Åka Bil have a heavy, guitarbased sound and a strong frenecy in their vocals (which makes a lot of people compare them, rightfully, with Ebba Grön), but because they live on beautiful melodies, vibrating guitar sequences and smart, good lyrics in swedish.

In only six months, Åka Bil had established themselves as a leading live band. The band planned to swoosh up the record lists and this became evident when they released their first CD single on Beat Butchers.

After original bassist Kung Krax quit the band and after the temporary help from Spass, new members Stefan Söderberg (bass) (former Tuk Tuk Rally) and Peter Helleday (guitar) were presented in March 1997.

In 1999 the band decided to split up.

2011 the band record one track for the "Världen bästa Johansson" compilation

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CD EPs & Singles

Åka Bil - En Sång Som Gör Mej Glad
En Sång Som Gör Mej Glad, Beat Butchers 1994, ORCDS 33
1. En Sång Som Gör Mej Glad
2. Kan Du Inte Se
3. En Vanlig Dag
4. Jag Kan Flyga

Lyrics and music by Åka Bil, Recorded, mixed and produced at Traxton Recording by Christian Edgren, summer 1994 for Nördbankens Produktion U.P.A. Mike - Tambourine, Sampling and Choir. Rogge - Choir and Guitar. Cover design: Fobi, André Hindersson.

Albums & CDs

Åka Bil, Beat Butchers 1996, ORCD 30
1. Grammofonen Spelar Pop
2. Mitt Party
3. Hon Är Nära
4. Han Klättrade Till Himlen
5. Dårarna Talar
6. Inget Mera Ikväll
7. Vinter I Paris
8. När Änglarna Dansar
9. Hålla Om Dej

Recorded, mixed and produced by Christian Edgren, Johan Johansson and Åka Bil at Traxton Recording in the summer of 1996 for Nördbanken Produktion U.P.A.

Åka Bil - På Ett Annat Sätt (Cover) Åka Bil - På Ett Annat Sätt (Back) Recension
På Ett Annat Sätt, Beat Butchers 1998, ORCD 33
1. Sordin
2. På Ett Annat Sätt
3. Film
4. Kan Aldrig Mer Titta På
5. Fånga Mördar'n!
6. Lennon Och Jag
7. Nåt Har Hänt
8. Förvirrad
9. RKL
10. Ask
11. Tittar På TV

Recorded and mixed by Åka Bil during the winter 97-98. Additional musicians: Peter Helleday (guitar) on 2, 5, 7, 8 and 10. Roger Karlsson (guitar) on 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 11, (backing vocals) on 9, (creator) of 9. Johan Johansson (misc guitars) on 3, 9 and 11, (backing vocals) on 2, 7 and 8, (drums) on 6. Mike (tabourine and egg) on 3, 5, 6 and 8. Puttra Wikdahl (guitar) on 6. Lotta Nilsson (backing vocals) on 7. Camilla Dahlin (backing vocals) on 3. Katja Nord (backing vocals) on 3. Petri Tarvainen (guitar crunching) on 5. We would also like to thank: Peter, Alexander, Roger, Johansson, Mike, Stefan Borgius, Lotta, Puttra, Camilla, Katja, Leffe, Stipen, Jessica Wallin, Mats, Bertil Wikman, Björn and R-50. Graphical form and idea: Alexander N.H Holmberg.


1. Definitivt 50 Spänn IV (Rabb Records / RABB9506CD), 1995 Song: "Kan Du Inte Se".
2. Holy Shit En Samlings Kassett (Trapdoor Records / TD-MC00), 1996 Songs: "En Sång Som Gör Mej Glad", "Kan Du Inte Se".
3. Definitivt 50 Spänn #5 (Rabb Records / RABB9608CD), 1996 Song: "25:E Februari"
4. Definitivt 50 Spänn 7 (Rabb Records / RABB9810CD), 1998 Song: "Film"
5. The greatest hits of the very best of the ultimate definitivt (Rabb Records / RABB9811CD), 1998 Song: "Förvirrad"
6. Beat Butchers 15 År - 12 Covers (Beat Butchers / ORCD 36), CD 1999 Song: "Control, Alt, Delete" (Coca Carola)
7. Världens bästa Johansson (CRGCD031-94) CD May 2011 with the track "Ingenting"


Hunger (Cover)
1. Hunger (Ylva Eggehorn / Brombergs / ISBN 91-7608-771-9), 1999 Poems for young selected by Ylva Eggehorn. Åka Bil lyrics: 'Ask' and 'Lennon Och Jag' from "På Ett Annat Sätt".

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