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December 29th, 1995
Beat Butchers announced today that there will be a contest right here! Available for everyone visiting these pages, sometime in January 1996. Prizes include a promo CD presenting the label, not available from anywhere but here, containing new material from Tuk Tuk Rally, The Solar Lodge, Åka Bil, Radioaktiva Räker, Coca Carola and Brandgul. Stay tuned for more information on this page!

December 23rd, 1995
Brandgul is the latest addition to the Beat Butchers stable. A mini-CD is planned to be released in April 1996. The name is yet to be announced.

The Solar Lodge are in the studio, recording their new album, which will be released in February / March 1996. The title of the CD is "Fast Money Music".

December 4th, 1995
Svart Snö is a new band here at Beat Butchers. They're described as "thunderous hardcore with swedish lyrics". Right now they are working on a CD with will be released on February 5th, 1996. The title of the CD is "Smock'n Roll".

November 31st, 1995
Coca Carola are currently putting the final touch on seventeen new songs, which are to be recorded starting november 24th for their new CD "Dagar Kommer". Release date is set to the 5th of February, 1996. Producer: Thomas Gabrielsson.

Radioaktiva Räker are in the Traxton Recording studio with sixteen new songs for their upcoming CD "Res Dig Upp" which will be released on the 5th of February, 1996. Producer: Christian Edgren.

Tuk Tuk Rally enters the studio at the start of December to record four new songs for a Tuk Tuk Rally b-side & other unreleased material + probably some live tracks collection CD. Release date around February / March 1996.

September 22nd, 1995
Studion 22/9 1995 Poster Release party at Studion!

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