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December 20th & 22nd, 1997
A new Radioaktiva Räker Photo Album has been added to the site today. Right now, you can find a couple of photos from the recordings of their new album "Döda mig inte så dödar jag inte dig" with comments from Johan.

For those who like to rock... Beat Butchers and Deaf & Dumb Records will arrange a not-to-be-missed gig night at Tre Backar in Stockholm on January 16th, 1998. So mark that date in your calendars and stay tuned to this site for more information!

As you all know, Svart Snö recently decided to split up, but soon after this decision, the acitivites around the band intensified. Three new records are on the way! "Smock n'Roll" is released on vinyl by San Francisco based Prank Records in February 1998, a compilation with old demos is released by Los Angeles label Grand Theft Audio called "Bellyache and Acid Eyes" also in February, and finally, a split single with Starved and Delirious from Portland on Consensus Reality Records is released any day now.

Facts for the curious: Svart Snö did not split because everyone in the band hated eachother. We didn't split because someone died or because of drug problems. Svart Snö split because the level of ambition within the band made it impractical to play together. I (Peter) and Piffen have a new band together with Linus from Dennis & Dom Blå Apelsinerna. We still don't have a name though, so if You have a good suggestion, don't hesitate to e-mail us! If we happen to select Your suggestion, you win a complete and total night with Hardcorepolisen and two packages of Tjockmjölk! So send in your name suggestions! Fabbe and Tompa are traveling around right now. They haven't mentioned any new bands, but they just might show up in one when you least expect it. Check the Svart Snö homepage for info about this. Peter Hirseland 971221

And while we're at it - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

December 10th, 1997
Johan Anttila from Radioaktiva Räker can now be contacted through e-mail! The address to add to your ever-growing list of cool people to contact is: And while we're talking about Räkerna - they are currently recording their new album which will be called "Döda mig inte så dödar jag inte dig" and released in January or February 1998. Cool samples from the recordings in the form of photos and sound samples will be added to their homepage soon.

Another band in the studio right now is Åka Bil! Whatever it is they are recording there will soon be revealed right here...

November 3rd, 1997
After a couple of months in hiding (ha ha), we are back again with a brand new and extremely generous Mailorder List! Check it out or miss out on some great records and stuff to great prices!

September 9th, 1997
Svart Snö decided to throw in the the blanket, quit, split up this week. Definitely sad news, and we find ourselves without a great band once again. So soon. Their last gig will be at Vita Huset (Roslags Näsby) in Stockholm on September 13th. Do not miss this last chance to see them.

September 2nd, 1997
Do you want to chat with fellow Köttgrottorna and 23 Till fans on the Internet? Now you can! Check out Håkan's cool chat on his cool music pages at: now!

August 22nd, 1997
The Solar Lodge - has reformed with a new singer! The band will play at a festival in Uråsa on August 30th, but under the name Whippet! Time will tell if this will be the band's new name in the future as well.

Radioaktiva Räker - appears on the compilation CD "Holy Shit En Samlings CD" released on Trapdoor Rec. (TDCD-001) with the songs "Förtryck" and "Häng Dom Högt" - both taken from their album "Res dig Upp". Other bands on the compilation are (for example) Hydrogenium, Flås, Termovante Blå and Deny. It can be ordered from Trapdoor Rec, Kvarnåsvägen 21, 184 51 Österskär, SWEDEN. The band's next project is a Greatest Hits album (on vinyl) which will be released in Germany. More information about this one soon.

MP3 Songs right here! - yes, that's right. We're currently working on adding a bunch of songs from all bands to the website. These will only be available in the crisp and near CD clear MP3 (MPEG Layer 3) format. Stay tuned for the "release party"!

August 18th, 1997
On September 6th - at 17:00 (5pm), Beat Butchers arranges a night full of music at Kafé 44 (address: Tjärhovsgatan 46, subway to Medborgarplatsen) in Stockholm. No age limit, and the entrance fee is only 50 SKr. The following Beat Butchers bands will play during the night:

* Köttgrottorna * Coca Carola * Svart Snö * Åka Bil * Roger Karlsson *

July 28th, 1997
A couple of new pages have been added. First up is the new Asta Kask middlepage. Then the Brandgul page in swedish together with a swedish version of the interview page.

June 9th, 1997
A new Definitivt 50 Spänn has been released. We're talking Definitivt 50 Spänn 6 here! As usual on Rabb Records and distributed by MD. Catalog number: Rabb9709CD. Beat Butchers bands included are: Coca Carola with "Dansa Med Mig" (from "..5 År Till Moped") and Radioaktiva Räker with "Från Hofors Intet Nytt" (from an upcoming CD). Other non-BB bands includes Charta 77, Stukas, Stoned, Cobolt, Final Exit, DLK, Separation, Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks.

May 18th, 1997
Latest news about the former 23 Till members:

Except for their hobby band Per Bertil Birgers (where they play dance band covers) in which all former 23 Till members are active, this is what they are up to.

Micke Pihlblad (bass) is a member of The Gwen Stacys (name take from Spiderman's girlfriend). A four-track EP called "One Two Three GO!" was released early spring 1997 on the Stockholm Records sub-label Uppers Rec. label, with two release parties (one in Stockholm and one in Norrköping) following in May. Songs included on the EP are 'Five Fingers Song', 'Swimming Suit', 'Beatboys (in the sun)' and 'Miles Away'. It was recorded in Lund in Brainpool's studio and produced and mixed by Brainpool bass player Christoffer Lundquist. Two covers have also been recorded and will appear on Oasis and The Cardigans tribute albums. The songs The Gwen Stacys contribute with are 'Alive' (Oasis) and 'Fine' (The Cardigans). These albums will be released during spring 1997.

Janne Abrahamsson is a member of The Woodchucks. A band that formed as late as January 1997, and even though their corner of the world is located in Sweden's Kingston (Skärblacka), they are not playing Reggae but the finest brand of 60's pop. So far, the band has managed to rehearse a set of about 25 songs, play their debut gig and record a five-track demo. When it comes to songs, they are happy to let the most played songs rest in order to pick out the forgotten masterpieces. Their set is mostly filled with Zombies covers, but also with songs made by Jefferson Airplane, Turtles, Rascalls, Simon & Garfunkel, Hollies, Iron Butterfly and so on. Members are: Lolle (organ), Janne Karlsson (drums, backing vocals), Evert (bass, backing vocals) and Janne Abrahamsson (vocals, guitar). If you happen to be in Skärblacka on May 30th, you have a chance to see them play live.

Janne has another project as well (yet to be named). It is a trio who write their own songs and sing in swedish. The future for this project is still pretty uncertain though.

April 30th, 1997
Hans & Greta and The Solar Lodge have decided to throw in the blanket, call it quits, leave the studios behind, call it what you want - they are no more. More details will follow.

Svart Snö & Atomvinter's split 10" has finally been released! Svart Snö appears with three new, own songs plus a Drones cover. The US label Grand Theft Audio will release a compilation CD with the band in September this year. It will contain their first, second, third and fourth demos, which amounts to about 30 (!) songs, many never released before.

Köttgrottorna news: when releasing their new album "Tinnitus", a commercial campaign together with Åhlens via distributor Skandinavisk Musikdistribution had been booked. Åhlens backed out because they were afraid that Köttgrottorna would offend people. Those of us who know that "Köttgrotta" is food, a dish, (the recipe can be found on the "Halvdöd" album) are wondering what Åhlens had in mind.

A new Definitivt 50 Spänn compilation CD is in the works. Coca Carola appears with the song "Dansa Med Mej" from their album "5 År Till Moped" and Radioaktiva Räker with a new song with the name "Från Hofors intet nytt". Worth to note is also that "Definitivt 50 Spänn Tre" has now sold over 40.000 copies.

April 5th, 1997
Lyrics to Coca Carola's album "Tigger & Ber" has been added to the Lyrics page.

March 30th, 1997
A new page has been added to the Coca Carola section. It is a Photo Album with some photos the band & friends have taken through the years.

March 24th, 1997
Lyrics to a couple of Coca Carola albums and a Hans & Greta song have been added to the Lyrics pages today.

March 22nd, 1997
The Coca Carola home page is now also available in Swedish - check it out!

March 19th, 1997
The Solar Lodge appears with the song "Hate" on the compilation CD "Another Real Cool Time, More distorted sounds from the north..." (FUZZ BOMB / FUZZ001). Other groups on the compilation are The Hellacopters, Robert Johnson, The Robots, Hymans etc.

March 16th, 1997
Åka Bil news: After the bassist Krax quit the band and after the temporary help from Spass, Åka Bil can now present new bassist and member Stefan Söderberg (former Tuk Tuk Rally). Another new member of the band is Peter Helleday on guitar.

March 12th, 1997
On March 27th, Köttgrottorna throws a party for the release of their new album "Tinnitus" at Studion in Stockholm at 20:00. Everyone is welcome - Free Entrance! Though you have to be over 18 to get in.

On easter eve March 29th, Beat Butchers presents the Totalgalan together with Birdnest Rec. at Kolingsborg in Stockholm. Here is the complete information:

What: Totalgalan - när ingen annan bryr sig
When: March 29, starting 17:00
Where: Kolingsborg, Stockholm (Gula Gången, T-bana Slussen)
Price: At the venue: 100 SEK, In advance: 80 SEK + possible advance fee
from Mega Skivakademin, Sound Pollution, Birdnest (0221-282 00)
Line-Up: Skumdum, Charta 77, Köttgrottorna, Radioaktiva Räker, Coca Carola, Johan Johansson, Rövsvett.

March 11th, 1997
Svart Snö will release a split 10" vinyl record together with Atomvinter from Gothenburg this Spring. You can also expect to find a split EP from them, this time together with the American band Starved And Delerious on Consensus Reality Records this Spring, and in April, the band celebrate their 10 year anniversary with a party beyond belief!

The release date for Köttgrottorna's new album "Tinnitus" has been set to March 24th.

January 23rd, 1997
The new album from Köttgrottorna has finally been given a name: "Tinnitus".

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